Show search results

SearchResultsLayer renders search results as markers, lines and polygons on the map. The constructor accepts the following arguments:

  • results: An array of search results as returned by client.find(). You can also leave this undefined and add results later using setResults().
  • options: An optional object containing the following properties:
    • markerColour: A 6-digit colour to use for search result markers, defaults to 000000
    • markerSize: The height of search result markers in pixels, defaults to 35
    • markerShape: The shape of search result markers, defaults to drop
    • pathOptions: Path optionsopen in new window for lines and polygons.

Note that the marker icon is determined by the type of result.

Example usage:

import L from "leaflet";
import Client from "facilmap-client";
import { SearchResultsLayer } from "facilmap-leaflet";

const map ='map');
const client = new Client("");
const resultLayer = new SearchResultsLayer().addTo(map);

document.getElementById("search-form").addEventListener("submit", async () => {
	const query = document.getElementById("search-input").value;
	if (query.trim() != "") {
		try {
			resultLayer.setResults(await client.find({ query }));
		} catch (err) {
	} else {

Handle result click

SearchResultsLayer fires a click event when a result is clicked. To determine which result was clicked, use event.layer._fmSearchResult.


resultsLayer.on("click", (event) => {

Highlight results

Using resultsLayer.highlightResult(result), resultsLayer.unhighlightResult(result) and resultsLayer.setHighlightedResults(results), you can highlight some search results, causing them to be rendered with an increased outline, no opacity and above other map objects. The frontend uses this to present them as selected.

A single search result might consist of multiple geometries, for example a marker and a polygon. Highlighting a search result will highlight all those geometries.

In this example, a search result is highlighted when clicked:

resultsLayer.on("click", (event) => {
	resultsLayer.setHighlightedResults(new Set([event.layer._fmSearchResult]));