# Overview

The FacilMap server is a HTTP server that fulfills the following tasks:

  • Serve the frontend under / and /<map ID>.
  • Serve exported collaborative maps under /<map ID>/<type>, where <type> can be table, gpx or geojson.
  • Run a socket.io server under /socket.io. The frontend connects to this using the FacilMap client and uses it to get calculated routes, get and update the data on a collaborative map, and receive live updates to a collaborative map, and as a proxy to perform searches.
  • Maintain a connection to a database where collaborative map data and calculated routes are stored.

The official FacilMap server is running on https://facilmap.org/ (opens new window). If you want, you can run your own FacilMap server using one of these options:

  • Docker will run the server in an isolated container. It is easer to set up and more secure, but takes more resources.
  • Running the server standalone takes less resources, but is less secure and takes more steps to set up.