# Configuration

The config of the FacilMap server can be set either by using environment variables (useful for docker) or by editing config.env.

Variable Required Default Meaning
USER_AGENT * Will be used for all HTTP requests (search, routing, GPX/KML/OSM/GeoJSON files). You better provide your e-mail address in here.
HOST The ip address to listen on (leave empty to listen on all addresses)
PORT 8080 The port to listen on.
DB_TYPE mysql The type of database. Either mysql, postgres, mariadb, sqlite, or mssql.
DB_HOST localhost The host name of the database server.
DB_PORT The port of the database server (optional).
DB_NAME facilmap The name of the database.
DB_USER facilmap The username to connect to the database with.
DB_PASSWORD facilmap The password to connect to the database with.
ORS_TOKEN * OpenRouteService API key (opens new window).
MAPBOX_TOKEN * Mapbox API key (opens new window).
MAPZEN_TOKEN Mapzen API key (opens new window).
MAXMIND_USER_ID MaxMind user ID (opens new window).
MAXMIND_LICENSE_KEY MaxMind license key.

FacilMap makes use of several third-party services that require you to register (for free) and generate an API key:

  • Mapbox and OpenRouteService are used for calculating routes. Mapbox is used for basic routes, OpenRouteService is used when custom route mode settings are made. If these API keys are not defined, calculating routes will fail.
  • Maxmind provides a free database that maps IP addresses to approximate locations. FacilMap downloads this database to decide the initial map view for users (IP addresses are looked up in FacilMap’s copy of the database, on IP addresses are sent to Maxmind). This API key is optional, if it is not set, the default view will be the whole world.
  • Mapzen is used to look up the elevation info for search results. The API key is optional, if it is not set, no elevation info will be available for search results.