Filters provide a way to temporarily show/hide certain markers/lines based on user-defined criteria. Filters only affect what you currently see on the map, they are not persisted and do not affect what other people see on the map. Filters can be persisted as part of saved views.

If you simply want to show/hide objects of a certain type, clicking items in the legend will toggle the visibility of those types by automatically applying a filter expression.

To set a custom filter expression, in the toolbox click “Tools” and then “Filter”. FacilMap uses filtrexopen in new window for the filter expressions. An overview over the syntax elements can be found inside the filter dialog.

If the filter expression is empty, all map objects are shown. If a filter expression is defined, only map objects that match the expression are shown.


Filter by field value

Field values are available as data. By default, markers and objects have only a description field (data.Description), but custom types may have additional fields. If you have a field “Status” and want to show only map objects whose status is “Done”, the filter expression would be data.Status == "Done".

Be aware that in filter expression, comparison is case sensitive. So the above expression would not match an object whose status is “done”. For case-insensitive comparison, compare the lower-case values: lower(data.Status) == "done".

Checkbox field values are internally represented by the values 0 (unchecked) and 1 (checked). For example, to show only values where the checkbox field “Confirmed” is checked, use data.Confirmed == 1.

The regular expression operator ~= allows for more advanced text matching. For example, to show all objects whose name contains “Untitled”, use lower(name) ~= "untitled". Regular expressions allow to define very complex criteria what the text should look like. There are plenty of tutorials online how to use regular expressions, for example RegexOneopen in new window.

Filter by type

To show only objects of a particular type, use typeId. You can find a list of the type IDs of your particular map in the description of typeId in the syntax overview of the filter dialog. If you have a type with the ID 123, you can show objects of this type by using typeId == 123. To hide objects of this type but show all others use typeId != 123.

FacilMap continuously updates the location hash with your current view on the map. Your current filter expression is also saved in the location hash.

If you want to share a link to a particular section of the map with a filter expression applied, simply apply the filter and then copy the URL from the address bar of your browser. An example of such a link would be