User preferences

Clicking “Tools” and then “User preferences” in the toolbox will open the user preferences dialog. What you set here will be saved as cookies in your browser, so it will affect how FacilMap works for you on any map that you open, but it will not affect what any other user will see.

Language and units

FacilMap tries to display its user interface in one of the languages that you have configured your browser to display websites in. If no translation is available for any of your languages, English is used.

By default, FacilMap uses international standard units (metric) to display distances and elevations.

If these defaults do not match your preferences, you can configure them in the user preferences dialog.

FacilMap’s translations are collectively created on Weblateopen in new window. If the translation for your preferred language is incomplete, incorrect or doesn’t exist yet, your contribution on Weblate would be greatly appreciated!