# Handle multiple objects

You can select multiple markers and lines at once and perform batch operations on them.

# Select multiple objects

To select multiple objects, click them on the map while holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard. A new tab will appear in the search box that lists all the selected objects. To exclude an object from the selection again, Ctrl+Click the item on the map or in the list of objects again. Note that clicking an object without holding Ctrl will clear the selection and select only that object.

Alternatively, you can hold Shift and draw a box on the map using your mouse. All objects that are inside the box will be selected. If you already have some items selected, holding Shift+Ctrl while drawing the box will add the objects in the box to the existing selection rather than resetting the existing selection.

Note: At the moment it is not possible yet to select multiple objects on devices without a keyboard (such as smartphones). This will be implemented soon.

# Remove multiple objects

To remove multiple objects at once, select them and then click “Remove” in the bottom of the search box tab and confirm the alert box.

Note that removed objects will remain in the edit history for admins to see and restore.